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Slip Leash

Slip Leash


Slip leashes are fantastic tools that makes life easier for any trainer who works with multiple dogs, and wants a one size fits all leash / collar system that can be interchanged between dogs. Our slip leashes do not use a metal o-rings, and still have a very smooth "slip" action. Sewn with industrial sewing machines, and thick nylon thread, you will be suprised at how strong these leashes are. I personally use these leashes when I need to walk a dog through a metal detector into a secure area, but still need to maintain control. This makes a great TSA leash when passing through security with your service aninal.


Available in teal, bubble gum pink, reflective black, black, OD green, coyote tan, wolf gray, toxic green, pink, lavender, neon yellow, neon orange, turquoise, red and teal. All leashes utilize 1/4 inch thick paracord, are 5 feet in length, and utilize an adjustable cord lock for perfect fit every time. 

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