Demanet bite suits

Just like I demand quality, performance, and safety from the gear I put on my dogs, I also demand the same standard for equipment that I wear when I decoy. I trust Demanet to keep me safe and provide a high quality product that allows me to bring out the best in dogs when I work with them. Whether it's a dog for sport, police, or military, I trust Demanet.

Your purchase of a Demanet bite suit is an investment in your training. After you purchase, I will personally contact you to help you with sizing, color selection, and the pattern of your suit. I offer free standard shipping on all Demanet suit orders. Demanet typically ships your order in ten weeks, Rush shipping (+$125) is available and you can receive your suit within six weeks. Super Rush shipping (+$175) is available and you can receive your order in four weeks. When your order ships, you will receive a link for tracking your order.

Depending on your location, you may receive an import fee from customs which is billed through the shipping company (usually DHL or FedEx). This fee varies and is based on the value of the imported item. This fee is usually less than $50 per suit within the U.S. The buyer is responsible for settling this debt with the shipping company upon receiving their suit.