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Frequently Asked Questions

What Size are the Collars?

All Kirby K9 collars are adjustable and range between 15" and 20". This range typically fits adult working breeds such as Malinois, German Shepherds, Dutchies, and Labs. Other breeds such as Corsos and Rottweilers might need a larger size. If your dog does not fall within the standard sizing range, include a note with your size at check out.

How Long Before I Receive My Order?

All orders currently have a two week lead time. Each order is custom made and due to order volume, I do not have an inventory of products on hand.

Which Collar is Best for My Dog?

While collar selection is an individual choice, the best collar for your dog might depend on what you do with your dog and how often the dog will wear its Kirby K9 collar.

For dogs that spend a great deal of time in the water, I recommend "The Original" collar as this collar is made entirely of scuba webbing and velcro. The Original collar is 1.5 inches in width, and a great choice for dock diving and hunting dogs that need a collar that will be subjected to water and still retain strength and form. I also recommend The Original collar for small or younger dogs as the 1.5 inch width seems to be perfect. Many working dog puppies use The Original collar as their first agitation collar. The original collar is my personal favorite and the collar my personal working dog wears.

For dogs that need an agitation collar for protection or police work, the "Viribus" collar is a great choice. The Viribus collar is a two inch wide, multi layer design which offers an even greater level of strength. The collar utilizes a unique sizing design that creates a scuba webbing barrier between the dog's neck and the cobra buckle. While the Viribus collar is by far the best selling collar, it doesn't come on and off the dog as quickly as other models due to the multi layer design.

The Bellum collar is built the same as the Viribus collar, except it is 100% scuba webbing. The Bellum collar is a great working dog collar for dogs that require the strength of an agitation collar but are also frequently exposed to water environments.

The Vexillum collar is a great option if you are trying to save some money and still purchase a quality collar that is strong enough for agitation, and also personalized for your dog. The Vexillum is made of 1.75 inch heavy duty nylon and is extremely strong. There is no scuba webbing in the Vexillum design so it will not retain form like "The Original" and "Viribus" collars. The vexillum collar is also the only collar available with a handle option.

What is a Cobra Buckle?

All Kirby K9 collars utilize an Austri Alpin Cobra D-Ring buckle which has a load rating of 4,500 lbs. The buckle uses a male / female opening and requires the user to push from both sides to open the buckle. This can be performed with one hand, however, the buckle can't be opened without engaging both releases, even under load.


There are many "variations" and "imitations" of cobra buckles on the market. In my experience, Austri Alpin makes the finest, most reliable buckle in the world and is the only buckle I will use on my collars.

What is Scuba Webbing?

Scuba webbing is a mix of nylon and polypropylene and was developed for the scuba diving market to allow them to make belts that would retain strength and form in marine environments. Scuba webbing is much thicker and rigid than regular nylon and ideal for dog collars due to its ability to retain form.

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