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Shorty Sleeve Velcro

Shorty Sleeve Velcro


The "Shorty Sleeve Velcro" is the same as the "Shorty Sleeve" except it has a velcro closure in the back to allow the decoy to easily slip the sleeve for early bite development.


The "Shorty Sleeve Velcro" bite sleeve was my answer to a puppy bite development sleeve that was exremely versatile and could be used to show multiple targets to young dogs. The Shorty Sleeve Velcro is designed to be used to show bicep, tricep, and calf bite pictures to young dogs. The Shorty Sleeve Velcro has a handle at the top, like the Better Belgian Sleeve, to help the decoy maniupulate the sleeve and keep the target where it is intended to be. The inside of the sleeve utilizes a thinner layer of padding and should not be used for adult dogs.

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