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Semita Leash

Semita Leash

PriceFrom $20.00

Mountain climbing rated 10mm Sterling rope and your choice of attachment. This is the ultimate tracking leash, long line, search line, or every day leash.


We recommend running this leash without a handle to maximize the advantage of a snag free line when conducting searches, tracking, or tactical deployment operations. A termination knot can be added to the end of your rope to create a handle or tactile stop point. If you prefer a sewn in hanldle, that option is available.


We pride ourselves in products that are built for the working dog on the street. Instead of utilizing cheaper manufactures, we use the best material and components we can source and this leash embodies that philosophy.


Choose from two different Mad Rock climbing rated locking carabiners, Kong Frog, marine grade stainless eye bolt, or buy the leash without an attachment so you can add your favorite climbing rated carabiner.


Rope is availabe in OD green, black, and search and rescue orange, in lengths of 6,10,12,15,20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 feet. If you need a specific size, please message us so we can accomodate your needs.

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