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PSA Bite Suit

PSA Bite Suit

PriceFrom $1,700.00

The PSA (Protection Sports Association) bite suit was designed by Demanet with feedback from PSA trial decoys. The PSA suit is similar to a competition suit, but the jacket arm seams are on top, to move them away from the primary bite area. The suit is tapered to give a more natural look and excessive material and padding has been removed from the stomach, chest, and back areas to create one of the lightest and fastest suits available. I highly recomend this suit for trial decoys who value speed and flexability over protection, or decoys who want a low profile suit for scenario based training. I do not recommend this suit for prolonged training or decoys that will work numerous dogs over several hours.


Price includes shipping to you, direct from Demanet.

  • Ordering Instructions

    Once you purchase your bite suit, you will be contacted for sizing information, colors, and design of your bite suit.

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