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Padded Leather Bicep Gauntlet

Padded Leather Bicep Gauntlet


Our Padded Leather Bicep Gauntlet combines the comfort and softness of neoprene with the durability and protection of leather.


The Padded Leather Bicep Gauntlet features an inside layer of 5mm neoprene and an outer layer of premium English Bridle Leather. This combination provides exceptional comfort and protection while decoying.


Adjustable in size for decoys with biceps between 13-18 inches in circumference. Leather color may vary depending on which sides of leather are in stock.


This design is not intended to overlap, in order to reduce bulk under the sleeve or bite suit, and still allow mobility. Decoys with larger biceps will have part of the tricep exposed.


This product is intended to be used under a bite suit or under a bite sleeve as an added layer of protection, and is not considered a product that should be used by itself for bite training.

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