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Muzzle Failure Strap

Muzzle Failure Strap


The Muzzle Failure Strap is designed to be a quick release back strap replacement for your existing muzzle. The high visability back strap handle is designed for an experienced and protected decoy to pull and release the muzzle, allowing the dog to bite. The muzzle failure strap will fit muzzles that have a back strap channel one inch in width, with a removable existing back strap.


The muzzle failure strap is designed to break away and does not fully secure the muzzle on a dog. Always use adequete protection when using the muzzle failure strap in aggression training. The muzzle failure strap should never be used if you need to secure your muzzle correctly.


Three sizes are available, small (red handle), regular (yellow handle) and large (neon green handle).



Measure you dog's neck circumference directly behind the base of the ears.

Small: 14-16 inches

Regular: 17-19 inches

Large: 20-22 inches

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