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Viribus Collar

Viribus Collar


2 inch scuba webbing underneath a 1.75 inch layer of type 13 nylon, secured by a 1.75 inch cobra d ring buckle with a 4,500 lb rating.

Multi layer design for added strength and stiffness. Scuba webbing is stronger and stiffer than regular nylon and will not deteriorate, even in a salt water environment.

Extremely durable and strong collar that will retain strength and form for years. The Viribus is the number collar chosen by law enforcement K9 teams due to it's multi layer design and strength.


Adjustable from 15-20 inches. If you need a size outside this range, please add your collar size to the notes at check out, and we will sew accordingly.


Name tapes sold separately.


Pick all of your colors on your Viribus Collar!


Select inside color, outside color, and outer velcro color.


Inside color: This is the part of the collar that is widest and sits closest to your dog's neck.

Outside Color: The outer layer of nylon.

Outer Velcro: The layer of velcro on the outside of the collar and is the most visible part of the collar when worn by your dog.

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