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Build Your Own: Viribus Collar

Build Your Own: Viribus Collar


Pick all of your colors on your Viribus Collar!


Select inside color, outside color, and outer velcro color.


Inside color: This is the part of the collar that is widest and sits closest to your dog's neck.

Outside Color: The outer layer of nylon.

Outer Velcro: The layer of velcro on the outside of the collar and is the most visible part of the collar when worn by your dog.


2 inch scuba webbing underneath a 1.75 inch layer of nylon, secured by a 1.75 inch cobra d ring buckle with a 4,500 lb rating.

Multi layer design for added strength and stiffness. Scuba webbing is stronger and stiffer than regular nylon and will not deteriorate, even in a salt water environment.

Extremely durable and strong collar that will retain strength and form for years.


Name tapes sold separately.

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