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Better Belgian Sleeve

Better Belgian Sleeve

PriceFrom $155.00

The "Better Belgian" K9 bite sleeve is the very first sleeve made in house at Kirby K9. We took our favorite K9 bite sleeve and made it better. As of October, 2023, Demanet has taken over production of the Better Belgian Sleeve, and we are extremely proud to offer the quality Demanet is known for, with the design and innovation you love, from Kirby K9.


The Better Belgian sleeve has a profile similar to a competition weight bite suit arm, but with superior protection. We used a non traditional padding inside to create a bite surface that feels real to the dog, but still offers good protection for the decoy. This sleeve feels unlike any other sleeve you have used.


The "Better Belgian" sleeve is suitable for dogs in protection, police, and military bite training 6 months and beyond. Available in two sizes; regular and XL. The XL version is a better option for decoys who have a bicep circumference larger than 18 inches, or decoys that want a looser fitting sleeve that is easier to slip off.


Our Belgian style sleeves are primarly used to teach bicep targeting, and can also be used to teach forearm or tricep targeting.

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